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June 08, 2005



Haha, wonderful 4 step prep for gay pride! It could be incorporated for every public function too! A date, a party, going to the mall, loitering outside an ex-boyfriend's house... :)



LOL...so true...so true. My BF and I are hitting Indy Pride this weekend and I have been going through my closet all week trying to figure out what slims my gut the most. I think I will focus on my hair and suprising young looking face (for a 40+ yr old guy). Thanks for the tip!


You are SOOOO RIGHT! Pride, especially Weho's Pride is full of hotties, and it's easy to get caught up in the, "Man, they look soooo much better than I" mentality. But I think you gave some pretty damn good tips on how to prep for Pride with only a few days to spare! I was supposed to be coming down this weekend, but it fell through! Oh well....SF's Pride is right around the corner, so I guess I'll go to my new Pride celebration...Have a good one, and GOOD LUCK!!!!


Thank god, there's just enough time for the Botox to kick in.


Heehee, great advice. Unfortunately, there's no Gay Pride happenin' in our country (or at least I know of).


Every time I go to pride I get hit on by lesbians and straight women. I think it has something to do with me not taking my shirt off ... is that so wrong? I mean, besides the fact that only women seem to hit on me, even at DC pride.

Hope you had a good weekend


How did your Pride Parade/Festivities go!?? Mine rocked! I'm not the "fabulous" looking one but I have been working out and stuff for a couple weeks so it wasn't horrible.

I didn't even worry about anyone else, I just GOT THE BEADS! WOO!


I want to fuck all these men

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