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August 15, 2007



Interesting....I've heard of Sea-Monkey before but never really knew what it really was. Just read up about it on Wikipedia. And well...I don't know about it. I would be interesting to see, but they're, well, butt-ugly things to raise. :-p


My Sea-Monkeys always died before they got that big. :(


My boyfriend and I tried sea monkeys years ago, but we never got to the advanced point you are at. For us it was sea monkeys down the drain at a very early stage. We now have a dog. He is doing fine and we love him. Get a dog - they are survivors.

new jersey delli

Go full throttle and raise sea lions ;)


ok, that's just too darn cute.


I love how Daddy Sea-Monkey's tail discreetly covers his naughty bits.


I always got upset when goldfish died. I couldn't handle killing an entire empire of sea monkeys.

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