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September 04, 2007



all the best!



bye jason, it was fun!


Thanks for the peek inside your life and thoughts. :-) I wish you the best.


Make sure to leave it open a crack, in case we want to come inside without knocking.






all the best.



It's nice to take once in a while, and don't feel bad about coming back!
Could luck with your other creative outlets, whatever they may be.

new jersey delli

You'll be missed.


Jason! Don't go!

If you want to take some time off, do. But always know that you can come back. You have a distinct voice that I will miss terribly.

Now you HAVE TO go to Disneyland with me.


nooooo! i hate good-byes! :*(
but i must say that peeking inside of your room time to time was very enjoyable (especially when you write about your oh so lucky nephews) and you will be missed!

Angel Benton

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Jason, say it isn't so! I JUST featured your blog in the current issue of JustUsBoys Magazine which hit the stands today!! lol oh well, I understand. Drop me a line if you ever get lonely and want to hang out. Peace out sprout.


I'll miss you Jason.
Check by my blog ocasionally and leave a note to let me know you're OK!
Lot's of love.


love ya, Jason.
'nuff said.


WOW, I clicked on another blog on my blog roll and THAT blog author decided to delete the blog, then I clicked on yours J. Kinda weird two in a row...well dude, I wish you the best and um well, I do have your email addy...so uh, well I guess I will email you from time to time to check up on u, see if ur ok. I still have toys in my trunk (although seeing my nephews and nieces is a rare occurence)hope you always do too.
;-) peace

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